About Me

There are so many freelance official tour guides, but it is very hard looking for a professional one.I would like to take your time to introduce myself. I am Vuthorng Sy an English Speaking Tour Guide for Cambodia since 2017. But actually, I am a teacher of English at Public School and I have been teaching English more than ten years since 2006. Also I used to be an interpreter and translator for NGO in my homeland. My manager and I cooperated with DOE (District Office Of Education),conducted workshops related to education and sanitation projects. When I was a student at high school I felt i was good at English both writing and speaking skills. I, too , told my father that one day I would become a teacher of English. Sadly, in 2003 even I graduated high school I could not have passed the exam at RTTC (Regional Teacher Training Centre) due to my father died one month later after my high school graduation. Anyway, I kept doing struggling and highly commitment until I achieved in a next following year. Nowadays, I am working as an English speaking guide and tour operator, I love tourism and I would absolutely like to learn and share our knowledge about history, culture and civilization to everyone from all over the world. I would like to develop community and local people, especially the children in rural area. I really hope they can go to school and get their dream job in the near future the same to what I have done so far.

Warm Regard,


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