Koh Sdach is a small fishing village island sit at the half way mark between Koh Kong and Sihanoukville and is a daily stop of the bullet-boat. The trip to Koh Sdach is attractive, passing the deserted islands, rocky coastline, and jungle-covered hills of Koh Kong province.
Accommodation is available on the island, and for those interested in experiencing a totally unadulterated stay in a Cambodian fishing village, then this isn’t a bad choice.Located just a twenty minute boat-ride off the Cambodian coast, Koh Sdach is dominated by a sizeable fishing village that stretches along the side of the island that faces the mainland. While fishing is the mainstay of the local economy, the village also has a large ice-making plant, where you can watch it being made and ferried off by boat to the surrounding islands. On the far side of the island lies the island’s main beach, a somewhat rocky affair that sits beside the island’s premiere karaoke bar. You can swim here if you wish and the water is crystal clear , as an added bonus, while you’re underwater you can’t hear the karaoke.The island of Koh Sdach is surrounded by a bunch of other islands and the mainland, many of which have spectacular and totally deserted beaches – all of which can be visited on daytrips by longtail from Koh Sdach. In Koh Sdach are very few speaking English so if you speak even basic Khmer (or Thai) you’ll be fine. Koh Sdach has a hospital but it seems to be used more as a venue for volleyball practice than for medical treatment. According to information from one local resident, the doctors in the hospital have set up private practice and all patients are forced to visit them in this capacity. However, another resident claims that the medical services in the hospital are inexpensive and of reasonable standard. Access to clean water is marginal as the water was supplied to the houses was not particularly clean. Sanitary facilities do not exist in many houses and where they do, the sewage seems to be directly released into the sea. Spotting fecal matter in the sea around the island was hardly unusual.

While their Thai counterparts heave beneath the weight of Identikit bungalows, dreadlocked revellers and full moon parties, the 60-plus islands that dot the southern coast of CAMBODIA have been largely ignored…until now. Hermetically sealed during the Khmer Rouge reign and resultant years of turmoil, the islands are now accessible to intrepid wayfarers longing to lay down a towel on their own private paradise.

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