Tatai Waterfall is a large rocky cascade located amidst a lush jungle setting in the Tatai river, KOH KONG province. Although the watefall flows all year, in the dry season it is possible to swim in the naturally formed pools at the bottom of the cascade and due to the low flow of water it is possible to walk accross the ledge. In the wet season the river flows in all its might and the watefall is more spectacular with the enraged white foamed waters running over a fall 4 meters long. The water of the river is very clear as the source originates in the Cardamom mountains where the human settlements are scarce. You can reach the waterfall by boat or by road, although if you take the boat, the whole trip to the waterfalls is very pleasant and you will see amazing scenery along the way. The trip from the Tatai bridge to the waterfall takes about an hour (by slow boat).

TaTai is one of resorts in Koh Kong Province which is located in south-west Cambodia. Tourists can get there by National Route 4 which is linked to Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Instead of traveling by cars or buses, tourists can enjoy traveling by boat. Normally, it takes five hours to arrive at Tatai. During the about 5 hours trip along the road, tourists will enjoy with the beautiful scenery of mountains, fresh fruit farms, the five bridges across attractive rivers, and the natural view of lush forests.

The most exciting resort floating within four rivers is TaTai. Developed in November, 2009. TaTai is a among the top-ten tourist destinations along with Prasat Preah Vihear, Angkor Wat, Bokor National Park, Sihanoukville, Ratanakiri Province, Mondulkiri Province, Kratie, Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Koh Ker for its Best in Travel 2010 publication.

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